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European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate (ECCMC)

Europäisches Fachzentrum Moor und Klima (EFMK)
A practical European initiative for scientific peat bog and climate protection

Petra Herrmann (Manager of the EFMK GmbH)

European Competence Centre Mire and Climate,
Auf dem Sande 11, D-49419 Wagenfeld – Ströhen
Mail: info@moorwelten.de
www.moorwelten.de      Tel. +49 (0)5774 9978554

The European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate (ECCMC) unites knowledge about mire ecology, ecosystem services and their global climate relevance. Situated in the heart of Europe we seek to maintain and reestablish mire ecosystem services using an integrated approach combining science and practical experience.

We use cutting-edge techniques to confront the problems of a growing demand on land, resources and the rising need to find a solution to environmental problems such as climate change, loss of habitats for specialized animals and plants and pollution.

 We work together with scientists, local NGOs and communities, as well as with the agricultural sector and the peat industry to develop best strategies for mire restoration and mitigation of climate change. For nature - For people.

Visitor Centre

In the “MOORWORLDS” exposition you can learn all about the ecosystem and its meaning for climate protection. Multimedia-based elements help to understand and explore why cranes and other migratory birds become more and more abundant in our region. You can test your knowledge with the Bird Quiz and the Climate Quiz.

The barefoot-park invites you to explore the ecosystem with all your senses.

After experiencing the educational part, our youngest visitors can play and rollick about in the moorland sheep world while the older generations relax in our gastronomic area.

The “MOORWORLDS” are barrier-free and accessible for people with impairments.

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday and Public Holidays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
We offer guided tours on demand. 


Adults (from 18 years): 5,50 €
Children (from 4 years): 3,00 €
Only barefoot park:  2,00 € per person
Families (2 Adults with their children up to an age of 18): 13,00 €
Group of adults: 4,50 € per person
Group of children: 2,00 € per person
Guided tour: 2,00 € per person
Combined ticket “MOORWORLDS” and zoological park Ströhen: 16€ Adults and 10€ for Children

Location EFMK


Scientific Background

The European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate (EFMK) is an initiative created by different local communities, nature conservancy NGOs, agricultural service organisations, and partners from peat and other industries in Lower Saxony (Germany). Situated in the Diepholzer Moorniederung, a region in the heart of Central Europe with more than 20 bogs and fens covering an area of about 30,000 hectares, the centre is strategically positioned in midst the landscape it is concerned with.

The Centre aims to integrate practical peat bog conservation with a focus on green house gas emission after drainage and water logging activities. Together with our partners we want to break new ground to protect the remaining bogs in the region and to restore already disturbed mire habitats. Sphagnum mosses will be produced in paludiculture on-site in cooperation with the local peat industry to provide sustainable economic and ecologic alternatives for peat products used in horticulture business.

 Land-use changes are needed in the region and will be stimulated in cooperation with agricultural services via compensation money transfers from environmental protection funds. On a global scale the ideas of a Carbon Credit System have to be discussed to protectpeat bogs for climate protection issues.  We work on a regional climate certificate that enables private donors to invest in peat bog restoration projects as a compensation measure for carbon sequestration.

Environmental Education

Environmental education is an important pillar of the EFMK. The local society is invited to explore the unique ecosystem and to participate in peat bog protection activities. Future generations are taught to understand that the health of our peat bogs is interrelated with the health of local and global climate. By the means of impressive experiments, groups can learn all about ecology and ecosystem services of mires and their inhabitants.


Besides extracurricular classes for schools, the centre will provide infrastructure for Master and PhD students, as well for senior researchers for applied research in the surrounding bogs and fens. International partners in the scientific and practical fields of peat bog ecology, renaturation, green house gas emissions from peat bogs, and environmental policy are invited to participate in the European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate.

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